RULES & REGULATIONS - Winter Season 

1.    All teams are required to pay for a minimum of 15 players and are allowed to register a maximum of 20 players. Any teams wishing to register less than 15 players must make up the monetary difference accordingly. The cutoff date for roster deletions and additions for the Winter Season is January 15th. 

2.    All teams are required to have matching jerseys with permanent numbers. This also applies to the goaltender. Players without matching team jerseys will not be allowed to participate in any games until they have complied with this rule. 

3.    Players are allowed to register on more than one team. 

4.    All players are required to wear helmets, half-shields or full face masks are optional. 

5.    During the regular season, if a game ends in a tie, a three-player shootout will be used at the end of regulation. Two points will be awarded in the standings to the winning team. One point will be awarded to the losing team. 

1.    Playoff ties – 5 minutes 5v5 Sudden death if the game is still tied game will go to a 5 man shootout

6.    All Penalties will be stop time and all leagues.

7.    If a team questions the eligibility of a player, they must ask the Game Representative to ask the Captain of the team on which the player in question is playing for a picture ID. The picture ID must match the player in question and a name on the official roster (copies are also acceptable). 

8.    LEAGUE POLICY ON HARASSMENT - It is the policy of the League that no participant in any League event or activity shall harass, discriminate, or otherwise abuse any other participant or non-participant based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. Furthermore, no participant shall make unwelcome sexual advances or comments to any participant or non-participant. This policy prohibits not only actions that are severe enough to be potentially unlawful, but also conduct or comments that are deemed inappropriate for a League activity. Such conduct is strictly prohibited and, if experienced or witnessed, should be brought to the attention of the League immediately, without fear of reprisal. The League will diligently respond to all such complaints, and reserves the right to issue disciplinary action, including suspension or removal from the League. 

9.    Sport Stable Adult League uses on-ice officials from the Colorado Ice Hockey Referees Association. It is their job to assess minor, major and misconduct penalties as well as game misconduct, gross misconduct and match penalties. Their decisions on these matters are final and not open to debate. 

10.    Any player who receives game misconduct will be assessed an automatic two (2) game suspension. A second game misconduct during the current season will result in a four (4) game suspension. Any player who receives four (4) game misconducts during the season will be suspended for the balance of the season, including playoffs. The length of suspension for any player receiving a gross misconduct or match penalty will be determined by league administrator based on the severity of the infraction. 

11.    Any player receiving a match penalty for fighting will receive a one (1) game suspension and a $50.00 dollar fine. For two (2) fighting penalties in a season player will receive 3 game suspension and $100 fine. Three (3) fighting penalties in a season that player will be removed from the league.

12.    Any Player who receives 4 penalties in a game will be suspended for the remainder of that game. 

13.    If a player accumulates forty-five (45) minutes in penalties during the regular season, they will be assessed an automatic one(1) game suspension. If that player accumulates fifty-five (55) minutes in penalties during the regular season, they will be assessed an automatic two(2) game suspension. If that player accumulates sixty-five (65) minutes in penalties during the regular season, they will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the season including playoffs. Game suspensions will carry over to the playoffs. 

14.    Fines will be assessed to players that receive match penalties. A $50 fine will be assessed to any player receiving a game misconduct for fighting, and $100 for a second fighting, a $50 fine will be assessed to any player receiving a match/gross misconduct penalty. All fines must be paid before the player is eligible to return.