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3v3 Youth Summer Hockey

SUMMER 3V3 Rules

Official RoughRider Academy / Sport Stable 3v3 Pond Hockey Rules
* The Sport Stable reserves the right to modify any of these rules at any time.

TEAM MAKE-UP:  The minimum number of players a team can have on the roster is 8.  The maximum number of players is 18.

GAME FORMAT and OVERTIME:  Warm-up time is 5 minutes.  Every game is three, 16-minute periods of running time.  If the score of the game is within 3 goals with three minutes remaining in the game, the clock will go to stop time for the remainder of the game unless the goal differential becomes four or more and then running time will be used.  There will be no ties.  All ties will be settled by a shootout.  The shootout will be comprised of three shooters per team, followed by sudden death one shooter rounds.  Everyone on the team must shoot before anyone shoots a second time and teams must stay in the same order throughout the shootout.

*LINE CHANGES:  All line changes are on the fly except between periods, after a goal is scored or after a time out.  If there is a faceoff and one team is making a line change at an approved time but has not lined up, the referee shall drop the puck anyway to keep up the speed of the game.  If at any time, there are more than three (3) skaters on the ice (plus your goalie); a penalty for too many players shall be assessed unless you have pulled your goalie or the mercy rule is in effect.

AFTER A GOAL IS SCORED:  When a team scores a goal, a center ice face-off will follow.

PUCK FROZEN BY A GOALTENDER:  When a goalie freezes the puck, the entire attacking team must completely leave the defending half of the ice at the same time before reentering the attacking zone.  The referee will signal a frozen puck by blowing the whistle.

PUCK OUT OF PLAY:  If the puck goes over the boards or onto the bench, there shall be a face-off at center ice (teams are not allowed to switch lines at this time).  If the puck hits the netting behind the goal and immediately falls back to the ice surface, it will be considered a live puck and either team may play the puck.

PENALTIES:  The RoughRider Academy 3 on 3 League is a NO CHECKING league. This rule will be strictly adhered to. The RoughRider Academy 3 on 3 League follows existing USA Hockey rules regarding the types of penalties that will be assessed.  Any penalty called shall result in a penalty shot for the player who was infringed upon. The puck will be placed at the center ice and the remaining on-ice players will be placed on their stomachs, far enough from the puck that the players laying down can’t hit the puck with their sticks from their stomachs.  The referee will blow the whistle and the shooter can be chased as soon as he touches the puck. The shooter may take a running start if he or she chooses.  The puck is in play immediately after the shooter touches the puck at center ice.  If an offensive player gets up off of his or her stomach early, the shot is blown dead and the puck is turned over to the other team.  All penalties will be recorded by the scorekeeper for the purposes of keeping track of the number of penalties a player has during a specific game.  If a player receives four minor penalties in one game, that player will be asked to leave the ice and will not be eligible to play the rest of the game.  Major penalties will result in a three-minute penalty to be served by another player on the ice at the time of the infraction, a penalty shot, and a game misconduct.  If a player receives three major penalties during the course of the season, the disciplinary committee will hold a hearing and that player may be permanently removed from the league with no refund given.

No Fighting:  Fighting penalties will constitute automatic suspension from the league (Subject to review from the disciplinary committee.  Disciplinary committee:  Greg Vanover, Derek Robinson, and Luke Taylor) 

Abuse of officials or Scorekeepers:  Abuse of officials or scorekeepers will not be tolerated.  Any player or coach who receives a misconduct penalty will automatically receive a 2-game suspension.

Time Outs:  Each team will have one, one-minute time-out per game.  A time-out may be called at any time your team has possession of the puck.  When a time-out is called, the scorekeeper will stop the clock until the referee drops the puck signifying play has resumed.

Mercy Rule:  If a team is down by four goals or more, that team will have the option to add one additional skater (for a total of four skaters) to the ice until there is less than a four-goal score differential.  Once the goal differential becomes less than four, teams shall return to 3v3.

Switching Ends:  Teams will defend the end of the ice that they started on for the entire game and not switch ends of the ice after each period.

Coaching Age Requirement:  Each team must have an adult who is at least 22 years of age or older on your bench acting as a coach/manager.

Substitute Players:  During the regular season any substitute players must be approved by the league director.  If a team shows up with less than 6 players that team can borrow a player or players from one of the other teams to get their team up to 6 players for the game.  Example – If a team shows up with 5 players, that team can borrow a single player from another team to get to 6 total players.  If a team shows up with 3 players, then they can borrow up to 3 players from another team to get to a total of 6 players for that game.

During the playoffs, teams may only use players that were registered and on your roster as of Aug 1.   This rule does not apply to substitute goalies that play in the league in the same division and tier (or a lower-tier) as your team. 

Goalies can be borrowed from teams within their division and tier or a lower-tier during the regular season or playoffs with notice to the league as long as they are currently registered to play in the league.  The league director will provide a goalie contact list to teams upon request.

Goalies:  Each team may roster 2 goalies or can borrow a goalie (including playoffs) from another team within the same division & tier or a lower division & tier as long as notice is provided to the league.

Goalie gear is available through the Sport Stable.  Please contact Greg Vanover at (214) 616-3819 or Nate Burch at (720) 327-3778 if goalie gear is needed.

Mite Division:  The Mite division will be played 3 v 3 plus a goalie.  The scorekeeper will sound the buzzer every 2:00 minutes to signify a required line change by both teams.  Mites will use intermediate nets.  All other rules apply.

League Contact Information:
 Greg Vanover –, 214-616-3819
 Paul DePuydt –, 303-882-0228