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Manuka Sport Endurance & Performance

The Sport Stable is home to one of the leading sports performance and recovery products on the market, Manuka Sports Performance & Endurance.
The availability of Manuka Sport products to our athletes and families, is a great addition to our philosophy of developing our athletes in the healthiest way possible. The Sport Stable coaches, performance trainers and staff hope you take the opportunity to learn more about this great product line.

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Consuming carbohydrates before, during,and after exercise can greatly enhance an athlete’s performance and recovery.Many studies have proven that carbohydrates provide a boost of prolonged energy, however, unnecessary additive chemicals in store bought sports drinks and gels have athletes wanting a more natural alternative.

Manuka sport gel is a glucose-fructose combination that takes your fueling to the next level. Manuka honey is a natural, unprocessed sugar containing slow digesting fructose and fast digesting glucose for optimal recovery post-exercise. Unlike other commercialized recovery electrolyte beverages (i.e. Gatorade, Powerade, etc.), Manuka honey provides unprocessed ingredients to provide energy quicker and sustain blood glucose levels for longer. According to a study performed by the University of Memphis Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory, “numerous studies
have singled out carbohydrate as a critical nutrient in endurance exercise.” While most studies have found that supplementationwith glucose provides prolonged energy, “we are pleased to find that honey, a ‘cocktail’ of various natural sugars,performed just as well.”

Benefits Before and During Exercise
Manuka Sport Hydration + Energy is ideal for preparing the body for exercise by providing essential electrolytes to delay fatigue during intense workouts, carbohydrates for energy, and hydration for sustained performance:

  • Electrolytes (sodium chloride, potassium chloride,calcium lactate, magnesium carbonate) for fluid balance and absorption.
  • 420 mg sodium to assist in delayed cramping and fluid absorption.
  • 29 g carbohydrates for boosted energy. Fast absorbing glucose and maltodextrin for quickenergy and slow absorbing fructose for
    prolonged energy.
  • The optimal hydration product for prolonged high intensity workouts and competition.

Benefits During Exercise
Consuming Manuka Sport gel during strenuous training such as competitions, two-a-day workouts or tournaments will provide athletes:

  • Increased total absorption of carbohydrates (immediately used for fuel and/or stored to sustain performance).
  • Enhance the rate of muscle and liver glycogenn
    replenishment for aggressive refueling.
  • Reduce and/or prevent GI (stomach) complications.
  • Fructose intake will delay fatigue and maintain blood glucose levels in exercise lasting longer than 2 hours.
  • Electrolytes help to delay fatigue and decrease cramping by replenishing low sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium levels in the body.

Manuka Sport Hydration + Energy vs

Other Sports Drinks 

  Manuka Sport Gatorade CLIF
Calories 115 150 80
Carbohydrates 29g 22g 20 g
Source of Carbohydrates Manuka Honey Powder, Maltodextrin Sugar, maltodextrin, fructose Glucose, cane syrup
Sodium 420mg 300 mg 250 mg
BCAA's 2-1-1 ratio
of Leucine, Isoleucine,and Valine
None None

Compared to other sport products, Manuka Honey:

  •  Is Fast absorbing and provides long lasting energy
  •  Contains NO artificial sugars and sweeteners.
  •  Delays fatigue and cramping.
  •  Provides prolonged performance.
  •  Decreases GI issues (upset stomach).
  •   Tastes great.
  •   Is easy to store and transport.

Benefits After Exercise
Consuming Manuka Sport Recovery after exercise can greatly enhance recovery and repair exercise-induced muscle damage. With high quality protein, combined fast and slow absorbing carbohydrates, and BCAAs, Manuka Sport Recovery provides the necessary nutrients for optimizing recovery:

  •  20g high quality protein.
  • 11g fast and slow absorbing carbohydrates for repair of damaged muscle and building of new muscle.
  • BCAAs to help reduce muscle soreness and prevent muscle loss following high intensity workouts.

No Banned Substances
Manuka honey sport products have been analyzed and documented by the highest quality standardsand are committed to adhering to the best operating practices, as indicated by the following:

  •  Informed-Sport site certificate
    NO banned substances or ingredients are present at the production facility!
  •  Informed-Choice sport certificate
    NO banned substances or ingredients are present in Manuka Sport Bee-Fit sports gel recipe!
  •  Banned Substances Declaration from Calleva, Ltd.

All ingredient suppliers complete a detailed audit questionnaire prior to becoming approved!

  •  Biannual random testing of the manufacturing site by an independent party (LGC)

Manufacturing partner is one of less than 30 worldwide production sites to be part of the Informed Sport site registration program that audits specifically for banned substances!
Lauren Story
Owner, Fit Fuel Performance Nutrition Nutritionist for the RoughRider® Sports Club

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